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What is Access Simplified about?

Access Simplified is a company that values the needs of Deaf and hard of hearing (DHH) people. We are a solution based company coming from real life experience. We work with businesses around the US to provide accessibility for DHH people. We believe in social change, inclusivity, diversity and the value of every person.

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What services does Access Simplified provide?

Access Simplified provides many different services like ASL Translation and Video Production; Consulting services for businesses who have Deaf and hard of hearing (DHH) in the workplace or for companies who want to be more inclusive with their DHH customers; Audio Descriptive Transcriptions; Captioning; Research; Accessibility Trainings


Why are Accessibility Ambassadors important?

Accessibility Ambassadors are people, like you and me. Accessibility Ambassadors go to places every day, they know people, they know what is missing, they know what needs to improve to have a better experience (with work, at the museum, at the doctors office, wherever). And when people like you help to connect those companies with Access Simplified, then we as a community can help solve the accessibility issues in our own neighborhoods, for ourselves and others. So, I guess that means, Accessibility Ambassadors are important because YOU are important and so are your needs!


Can I refer someone to become an Accessibility Ambassador?

Yes! As you know, for accessibility to really improve, many people are needed to support and advocate for it. So yes, please refer someone you know to become an Accessibility Ambassador. They just need to hop on one of our weekly intro calls and we’ll take it from there!


Am I an employee of Access Simplified?

As an Accessibility Ambassador, you have a working relationship with Access Simplified but only as an independent contractor. In a nutshell, this means we pay you for the work you do (that we agreed to) and you are responsible for your own taxes for any payment you receive from us. You are also responsible for your own transportation, communication needs, computer, internet, sticky notes, water bottles and all the other things you might need or use when working. As an independent contractor, you can work for other companies, any time, unless we agreed otherwise and of course, only for those not in direct conflict with our agreement. You provide services on your own time whenever you need / want to, unless agreed otherwise.

We will provide you with Accessibility Ambassador business cards, access to the Accessibility Ambassador website with AAP information, tutorials, FAQs, and other things to help you with your quest to improve accessibility, as a accessibility partner with Access Simplified.

If you have any questions about the do’s and don’ts of an independent contractor, talk with your CPA.



What is a Qualified Lead? (QL)

A Qualified Lead (QL) means the person must be a decision maker (like a supervisor or the boss). In order for it to be called a QL, you must give us the company name, the supervisor’s name, their phone number, their email, and their position title. The decision maker must engage in a sales conversation with the Access Simplified Sales Team. What if that person ends up not a decision maker? If that person does not make decisions but can put us in touch with the right person, this referral will qualify as a QL. But if the person is not a decision maker and doesn’t know who that would be, this referral would be an UQL.


What is an Unqualified Lead? (UQL)

An Unqualified Lead (UQL) is a person or company that does not have any decision making power (maybe like the receptionist, general employee or janitor). This means they do not have the ability to approve a project or have a budget to pay for services.

What if that person ends up not a decision maker? If that person does not make decisions but can put us in touch with the right person, this referral will qualify as a QL (Qualified Lead). But if the person is not a decision maker and doesn’t know who that would be, this referral would be an UQL (Unqualified Lead).


How do I get a Qualified Lead?

To refer a Qualified Lead (QL), ask for the person who makes decisions for accessibility.

If they don’t know who that is, ask for the supervisor, the boss, the manager. For more help, see our tips question: “What are common position titles for a Qualified Lead?”


Where can I go to give out my cards and encourage accessibility?

You can give your Ambassador cards out anywhere you go and see the need to improve accessibility.

Here are a few examples:
Your boss

The business you work at

HR departments
Training Departments
Amusement parks
Airports / Airlines
Doctor Offices
Plasma Centers
Schools / School Districts
Chambers of Commerce
Departments of Health
Social Security Offices


What happens after I give you the referral?

After you give us the referral, we wait for that person to contact us (three days) and if they don’t contact us, we’ll contact them. We’ll talk with them about the needs you saw and discuss how we can help them improve their accessibility for you (and other Deaf and hard of hearing people).


How do I give you the referral?

To give us the referral, just fill out the ‘Business Referral Form’. That’s it!


What if I forgot to get their contact info?

If you forgot to get the contact info, go back, call, ask. Most businesses will be happy to help you.



Do I get paid for being an Accessibility Ambassador?

Yes, you get paid! As a way to thank you for being an Ambassador and partner in accessibility, you are paid for every QL referral!


When do I get paid?

Once a lead is qualifies as a QL, it will be ready for payment. Payment is issued every two weeks.

Be sure your name and address are up to date – and if you want direct deposit, also make sure your bank account info is also up to date! If you need to update any of these, please contact our financing department at moc.deifilpmis-ssecca@seciovni.

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