Ryan Layton Chief Executive Officer
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Susan Layton Chief Visionary Officer
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Emmalee Christensen Chief Administrative Officer
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Mission Statement

Access Simplified provides powerful, innovative access to communication through solutions that are expansive, expandable and effective.

Our mission is to provide businesses the necessary tools and resources they need in order to provide effective and accessible communication to individuals who are deaf/hard of hearing, in the simplest, most effective manner possible.

In short, Access Simplified builds bridges and partners with businesses to close the communication gap.

Our Expertise

The Access Simplified Executive Team includes over 30 years in leadership, interpretation, translation and education, 40 years in technology and advocacy, and several lifetimes of experience in accessibility. Our expertise is packaged into revolutionary solutions so that your business can now offer your services with the greatest life changing impact to your customers! 

The most impactful offering our team can provide your business, through our lifetimes of experience both personal and professional, is access to people passionate about life and yet need the world to see their need for what it is. 

It’s simple, really. Accessibility. Through our innovative solutions, Access Simplified offers your business new, loyal customers, passionate about life, all 48 million, plus their family and friends. Accessibility by Access Simplified. It’s that simple.

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