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In today′s world, the importance of accessibility cannot be underestimated.

The Access Simplified Team includes over 30 years in leadership, interpretation, translation and education, 40 years in technology and advocacy, and several lifetimes of experience in accessibility. Our expertise is packaged into revolutionary solutions so that your business can now offer your services with the greatest life changing impact to your customers!

We consult on accessibility practices, create business accessibility plans, assist in strategic accessibility marketing, and many other matters one might need when business desires are prosperity and accessibility. We make your business accessibility a sure thing!

Professional Services

Consultation services specializing in accessibility for deaf and hard of hearing; ASL Translation and Interpretation, on and off camera; Accessibility Education, in person and remotely; and more.

Production Services

Our production services are ideal for both routine and accessible-focused projects. Production services include filming, post- production, captioning, language coaching and more. Getting started is easy!

Innovative Products

We pride ourselves in the products we deliver. They have been dubbed “Revolutionary” by deaf and hard of hearing consumers. What we deliver and how we deliver it is so critical because it is for whom we deliver it to that is so important to us.

Accessibility by the Numbers

Deaf and hard of hearing people in the world


Deaf and hard of hearing people in the United States


Deaf and hard of hearing Americans who use ASL


Lipreading success at best


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What Others Say

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[The text in the app] is very easy to see, read, and work with.
D. W.
Hard of hearing consumer
T. A.
Deaf consumer
Talking louder didn’t really make communication easier. This, however, is awesome!
S. E.
Medical professional
This is a very good app! It's hard to find a need that wasn't addressed.
J. F.
Hard of hearing consumer
This changes everything for me!
M. R.
Deaf consumer
It’s really nice to have the Access App.
B. H.
Medical professional
Having this [Access App] will definitely help communication access become closer to equal access.
J. B.
Interpreting agency owner

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