ASL Interpreter and Translation

Our ASL Translation & Interpretation Team is comprised of seasoned translating and interpreting experts, both deaf and hearing. Their goal is to ensure your message is conveyed in ASL with clarity and accuracy.

Translation / Film Services: After determining the best translators for your project, our team goes through a very thorough translation process. Through every step, they verify the translation matches the source language, and the intent matches your communication goals. For us, this is an extremely important step in being able to offer you and your consumers the best product. After translation, your project will move on to filming where we have trained eyes on-set, solely responsible for visual accuracy. After filming, your project will be professionally edited. Once complete, our quality control team will give it a good check and then you will receive your completed project in ASL. Let us know the details of your project, including timeline, specs, intended audience and visual goals, and we’ll get you a quote.
Interpretation Services: Access Simplified provides LIVE-feed ASL interpreting services. This means we do not provide services for day to day appointments, but rather for LIVE-online events, using certified Deaf and hearing interpreters. If you want a clean, professional feed that matches your organization’s look, you got it. Interpreting services offered: pre-recorded and LIVE-feed. We use only the best talent on our teams because we know you only want the best and your consumers only deserve the best. So, you can rest assured that the end result will reflect your organization well. Contact us today to get started!

Let experience speak for itself.

Translation and Interpretation Team Experience (Aggregate Total):

374 Years
401 Years
Camera / Film / Editing:
354 Years
Proof / Accuracy Review:
186 Years

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